Finally Purchased

Hey folks, everyone speaking English may write in this category!
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Finally Purchased

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First, it's a pleasure to be here! I finally purchased Zusi after weeks of looking at various videos.
Second, what HAVE I gotten myself into? I'm in way over my head it seems but I'm willing to learn.
Right now, I'm trying to slowly learn how to operate a train. Things I have trouble with are how to keep a constant speed without seesawing and when to start breaking for a smooth stop or speed transition.
Reading the signage and the automated EBuLa also are giving me some issues but I think those will get easier with time.

Anyway, hope to learn lots and have fun driving some German trains.
I also really hope they eventually make a Zusi 4 (maybe with weather effects and such).

Nice to meet you all.

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Re: Finally Purchased

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Welcome on board!
Best advise would be: Take your time! ;) It takes a while to operate a train accordingly. Experience comes - as usual - with practising.
Start braking early - better than too late! Always keep in mind that a realistic German train is nothing without a respectable delay! :mua

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Re: Finally Purchased

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And maybe start with EMU like class 423.


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Re: Finally Purchased

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I have thankfully been taking it slow. Also, @puckelhontas I have heard about their bad habit of being late, lol.

@Carsten Hölscher I will look into that. Thank you for the suggestion. I have been running this route: GA 52041 Bremen Rbf - München-Milbertshofen

It seems straight forward and has only one stop. I've been working on keep my speed constant and paying attention to signs and the ebula. Next is to figure out how to get the ebula on my ipad or laptop while I drive on my desktop.

Thanks so far. I'm enjoying it a lot. Got to ride the train one time while I was in Germany but it was a direct route from there to Hungry. Took 2 days and 2 nights but I loved every minute of it.