Dynamic brake for ICE 1

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Dynamic brake for ICE 1

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Hi, sorry a bit of noob question again. Watching this excellent video I've noticed (I think) that the driver brakes using dynamic brakes only initially, followed by the air brake. This with the ICE 1 with a single brake lever, around 12:02 in the video.


How is this done in Zusi with the single brake lever? The numpad dynamic brake keys have no effect. I'm guessing in Zusi the dynamic and air brakes are blended, or is the initial application dynamic only? Many thanks.

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Re: Dynamic brake for ICE 1

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Good point. I understand from various sources, in particular this podcast (https://zugfunk-podcast.de/2022/03/22/zf60/ @ 1:23:58 - in German only), that the driver can switch between three different brake modes (dynamic/electric only, indirect/air only, combined dynamic/air), and you actually see the driver switching to a different braking mode here: https://youtu.be/jQBRElqF1kI?si=Lpzuqr-3hunSH-Jx&t=910. I assume he's switching from dynamic to combined because he used the dynamic only in the tunnel and due to the wet rails outside of the tunnel he now needs more braking power for the upcoming stop.

I have a directly related question: Does the driver see the brake mode on the display, and if so where/how?


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Re: Dynamic brake for ICE 1

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Zusi currently cannot do that kind of brake mode switching.