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Hi all

What is the purspose of the zugfunk display?
Can you do anything with it or is just a bogus display?

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Re: Zugfunk

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It's the user interface for the train radio. Up to now there is no active functionality behind.

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Re: Zugfunk

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If you want to you can set up the radio like a real driver would do by entering your driver number, train number, cab type and operating company into the radio.

You cannot call anyone, because there is no-one to speak to. Essentially it exists as a by-product of the use of Zusi in professional environments, where it can be used talk to an instructor who plays the part of a dispatcher.

Ivan Milanov
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Re: Zugfunk

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Really,that's interesting because I was thinking I can use it for example when along the line there's a red signal,then call someone via zugfunk and then the Sim will be more realistic. For now it's fantastic I am driving every evening 🙂.
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Ivan Milanov.