Zusi Randomizer

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Zusi Randomizer

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I have my ''chaos'' setting at a very low value, around 0,5, because I hate the 40kms signal faults, which is mostly what you get under the chaos factor.
I've started to use the Zusi randomizer, but I don't know if what I do, is the correct procedure to use it, so...

First I go to the zusidatenbank website to get a random train (not a necessary step but it's kinda fun to get a random service)
Then I go to the randomizer and select the corresponding timetable
Then I will isolate my attributed train from the options exclusion list.

So, here lies my question...
Should I get all trains to apply the delay including mine? Iv'e tried this option but in the end I got a 40min delay but no ''yellows''.
So, I've tried to isolate only my assigned train number, with the objective of having all other trains with delays but mine protected. I would assume that I would eventually crash into the other's delays, which would result in delays and yellows for me. However, by using that option, I don't get any delays neither any yellows.
So, what should be the correct procedure for using the randomizer?

Also, do I need to ''randomize'' before each start of Zusi to get new different random delays?

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Re: Zusi Randomizer

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I prefer isolating my own train, but both ways you describe are perfectly correct.
Regarding the "no yellows": There is no guarantee that you run into another delayed service. Some routes are more prone to congest than others. Perhaps try to increase the amount of delay (percentage and / or minutes), but be aware of an increased chance for deadlocks then.
You don't have to run the Randomizer every time you restart an already randomized timetable, the random delays are presistent. I prefer to run it every time I start or restart a timetable, even if I take the same train as before, so that the situation is always a bit different.