Signal and Ebula question

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Signal and Ebula question

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1.Hello there.Which red signals i am allowed to override with the override button?(only these that they have three small white aspects??) EBULA Fahrplan we can see a symbol with telephone and ZBF A-54...What action i should do at this point?
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Re: Signal and Ebula question

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2. None. This is an information for the driver to change the train radio channel to A-54. In Zusi the train radio (german: Zugbahnfunk = ZBF) is not simulated yet. So no action is necessary.

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Re: Signal and Ebula question

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1. Signals with aspects Zs 1, Zs 7, Zs 8, Sh 1 (for shunting movements) are a few examples. There may be more. See for good english language explanations.