External view control and key mapping
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Autor:  BRD [ 09.02.2020 23:45:02 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  External view control and key mapping


As this is my first post on the Zusi 3 forum, I'd just like to congratulate everyone involved in the development of Zusi 3. It is a great train simulator which I really like for its realism.

Although I am aware that the main purpose of Zusi 3 is train driving and not taking "photographs" of the trains in-game, I do have some questions in regards to the external views and key mapping.

1: Why is it not possible to change the "pivot" of view in the external view? It is kinda weird that the camera rotates only centered in the train.

2: When using one of those preset route views, why can you not control the camera at all?

3: Key mapping - as a Steam user, one of the things that I find always strange is that if I want to take a screenshot, I'd need to press F12. F12 is also the assigned key to view the back part of the train... I tried looking at the key assignments but I don't see an option for assigning keys for F9, F11 and F12 views... Is it possible to change it?

4: Would it be possible to implement a screenshot feature by pressing, for example, the print screen key?

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Autor:  F. Schn. [ 10.02.2020 17:12:09 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: External view control and key mapping

It's not possible to change Zusi Menu Shortcuts. But you can change the Steam Screenshot Shortcut: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/screenshots Another option may be to use the Windows Snipping Tool (it has been renamed, but I don't know the new English name). In Zusi 2 there was also a tool that saved screenshots automaticly, but it's no longer advisable because it supported only bmp instead of png.

Autor:  BRD [ 11.02.2020 02:26:09 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: External view control and key mapping

Although I'm aware I can change the Steam screenshot button, I think it would be more user friendly if you were able to change those Zusi Menu shortcut keys.

Still, thank you kindly for your response. Keep up with the great work.

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