site showing how german locos are driven?

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site showing how german locos are driven?

#1 Beitrag von gazz »

i havent got hold of zusi yet (no money till the end of the month)

but i know it has a demo route that shows and tells you how to drive a loco on german tracks, which buttons to press for the indusi warnings etc,

but i was wondering if there are any websites that give that info out?

i have read about the indusi system a bit on the SH1 site, and the signaling, also the block working from a link on here,

but i want to know more, i'd love to be able to read a genuine drivers manual if such a thing exists, but i guess it'll be in german, and my german is not good enough to read much (i lived in germany from age 6 to 12 (1984 to 1990) as my dad was in the RAF and posted there, and have been back on holidays a few times, but i still dont know more than the basics of the language.

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Re: site showing how german locos are driven?

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Zusi provides extensive documentation. There is an english one also :schaffner

have a look here: ... p?file=170" target="_blank

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Re: site showing how german locos are driven?

#3 Beitrag von WileeCoyote »

About the closest you'll get to something along the lines of a driver's manual - at least in the case of the DB - are the actual operating and basic troubleshooting manuals for individual locomotive classes and directly relevant regulations from DB Netze such as Ril 408 - Züge fahren und rangieren (Rules for Conducting Transportation), Ril 301 - Signalbuch (Signal Book), Ril 91501 - Bremsen im Betrieb bedienen und prüfen (Brake operation and testing manual) and a few others.
Unfortunately I'm not aware of any English translations of these floating around anywhere, with the exception of which is a fairly good but rather loose English explanation of German railroad signals as per Ril 301. Another problem is that most DB regulations are strictly internal and are not usually available to the public, which in my opinion sometimes makes no sense and at other times makes a lot of sense.

Another thing you could do is to just do what I'm doing right now. I learned German while I still lived in Germany till nigh two years ago, applied for an Engineer's Apprenticeship with DB Schenker Rail Deutschland AG and I'm happy to say that I moved from my home in the U.S. to Germany last year for said apprenticeship and so far have been doing it with much success. I don't just get access to said regulations now, heck, I get them pounded into my head too :gap

Otherwise I can't honestly say that I know of any English, er, guides on how to drive trains in Germany or how to get your hands on some current DB regulations in a legal fashion.

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Re: site showing how german locos are driven?

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Hi Gazz,
gazz hat geschrieben:...and my german is not good enough to read much (i lived in germany from age 6 to 12 (1984 to 1990) as my dad was in the RAF ...
I suppose you mean the british "Royal Air Force" and not the german "Rote Armee Fraktion" (a group of terrorists, look at wikipedia) :rolleyes: You will never know all the methods of the secret service / MI5 and other similar organisations. :schiel

Greetings from France
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Re: site showing how german locos are driven?

#5 Beitrag von Mirko »


as the Royal Air Force is so common as RAF while the Red Army Faction does not really play a role in English conversation it works out even for me as German that I will set the correct meaning automatically, depending on whether the text is written in English or German. If MI5 would become active every time someone writes RAF they would have a lot to do on observing the online newspapers, flight enthusiast boards, etc. At least they will know all open days and flight shows of British military airfields then :D

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