Outside views in Zusi2

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Outside views in Zusi2

#1 Beitrag von Shawmut »

Hi all,

My first post to the Zusi forums.

I just bought Zusi2 and so far am having a ball with it. This is, without a doubt, the most realistic *train* simulator I've ever run, and I own MSTS, RW3, Trainz & OpenBVE. It gives me the feeling of really driving a train to a real timetable like no other. I just downloaded the Zusi3 demo, but honestly, I'm so busy with the SIFA, Indusi, throttle, brakes, and signals that I never notice the scenery unless it really shines like it does when you enter the Köln HBF at night. I think I'll wait to run the Zusi3 demo until I've done a bit of mastering of Zusi2.

Question: when in one of the outside views, is it possible to change your viewpoint to, say, track-level and then turn in place to different viewpoints?


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Clemens Mai
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Re: Outside views in Zusi2

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You only can use the fixpoints that are given at "Betrachterstandpunkt Streckenpunkt [like view a waypoint]"! (Strg+S)

Like the view outside of the train at the front or the rear you only can circle at fix points, that are given in the tabel appearing with pushing Strg+S.

Sadly theres no free view all around the track like you expect. (If i understood your question right) :D

By the way you can change the dificult in the settings to "Anfänger [like newbie]", so that you are allowed to drive without SIFA, PZB etc.! Maybe thats an option for you to drive zusi2/3 without much experience! :)
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Re: Outside views in Zusi2

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Zusi 3 isn't more difficult than Zusi 2 is. So you really could try it at once.

And if you have already understood how the security systems work, I suggest you keep on driving in the professional mode, which is a lot more fun. You'll get a hang on things quite fast.

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Re: Outside views in Zusi2

#4 Beitrag von Shawmut »


Yes, you understood my question perfectly. I had looked in the documentation about moving around in the outside view, but didn't find anything. I didn't know if that was because
a.) my German is poor, or
b.) I didn't spend enough time reading (too much fun driving the Zusi sim! :D )

And I'm definitely, at this point, a "Anfänger." But I'll continue to play in the advanced mode because @Taschi is right, it *is* more fun. Actually, it is what separates this simulator from all the others. RW3, for example, spends a lot of time and effort to simulate the scenery, but the actual train driving - much less the pathetic A/I - get far less attention. Not Zusi, though! I feel like I've just uncovered a hidden gem!! :sonne



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Re: Outside views in Zusi2

#5 Beitrag von Markus Hellwig »

Hi, Dave and welcome!
Shawmut hat geschrieben:... is it possible to change your viewpoint to, say, track-level and then turn in place to different viewpoints?
As already stated: Unfortunately not.
To be honest, I used to run MSTS for quite a long time (well, actually I ran it from freeze to freeze...) and the lack of a "spotter's view", combined with this awesome doppler effect of the train passing by is the feature I miss the most with Zusi!

Too bad we can't get the best of both worlds...

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