s/u bahn berlin "fahrpult"

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s/u bahn berlin "fahrpult"

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good day everybody.
excuse me for speaking English but i don't want to annoy you guys with my horrible German vocabulary ;)
i am here because i wanted to share my recently build drivers "desk"
Because i think it came out pretty good :) and its also a budget friendly one (cost around 200 euros)
a bit of background: i used to have a model railroad on HO scale but because of my new apartment i couldn't keep it because of the limited space.
so eventually i started to search for a replacement activity and i ended up on the train-sim classic from dovetail. mainly because they had the add on for the old berliner s-bahn trains, those are a bit of a fascination for me. so after playing it on a keyboard i got bored real quickly because if i simulate a big machine i want that feel as well.
and so begun my drivers desk build and since i also drive the U7 metro from time to time i mixed the two into one desk looks and functions.
i know that the controls aren't original but i want to chance that in the future and i probably need some help from you guys :O
anyways here are some pictures.
BildIMG20231209141207 by stan heuvel, on Flickr

BildIMG20231212165611 by stan heuvel, on Flickr

BildIMG-20231227-WA0008 by stan heuvel, on Flickr

BildIMG-20240206-WA0010 by stan heuvel, on Flickr

if any of you guys have tips or tricks i would love to hear it.
kind regards,